The whole truth to stress reduction - Is it real?

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Meditation – It is possible to meditate for less stress. You can even meditate for hours with no negative consequences! You can read about meditation on this page. Calm down – The calm and relaxation can help you to focus better and be more productive. It can also help with anger and jealousy. It can also be beneficial for your digestion. Try some of these calming apps and websites to try it out: Calm down App (1st download) (2nd download) (3rd download) (4th download) (5th download) (6th download) (7th download) How to meditate: Meditating is very easy. Just take 3 minutes (or more) and focus on whatever you're thinking or feeling. Try to be calm. It doesn't have to be a meditation, just a 3 minute meditation. I think meditation is very relaxing because we become aware of the negative and the positive. And we know that there's a difference. Try to think of positive things and think of negative things, but let the positive thoughts come. So, try to be aware and have a healthy attitude, but don't think about stress. We are all the same. We are all human.

If I would be stress-free, I think I could become a better doctor. And when I am stressed out, I get sick.

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