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Hormone Therapy and Sex-Hormone Products

Hormone Therapy or hormone therapy is the process of manipulating the hormones in order to change the way a person's sex organs function. Hormone therapy is considered to be the second-most effective form of treatment available for sex-change surgery. (See the following table)

Hormone Therapy: Effects

In sex hormone therapy, the hormones that regulate the function of the sex organs are taken to be converted to estrogen or to an inactive chemical called oestrogen. This is how hormone therapy works:

It is important to note that oestrogen can also have a negative impact on other hormonal systems. If you have been treated for a hormonal imbalance with an alternative hormone, the effect of the hormone therapy may not be similar to the hormone imbalance. It is important to consider the possibility of hormone imbalance and discuss with your healthcare provider the possibility that you are taking too much oestrogen.

The effect of hormone therapy is reversible. If you do have the side effects of taking oestrogen, they will go away with the right treatment, so the effect of oestrogen on your sex life will not be the same as the effects of oestrogen in your body.

What side effects can I expect with sex hormone therapy?

In general, there are no serious risks to take during and after treatment.

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