The whole truth to light skin - Is it real?

So first let's look at which products will really help you.

Here is a summary of what I found to be the most effective products for lightening skin, and I will also point out the products I would recommend you try as well.

1. AHA - Retinol. This is the most used chemical product for lightening skin. This product will lighten your skin with just a small amount. It is usually used in combination with AHAs (Amino acids) for even more lightening effect. I used it at night in combination with my facial cleanser. The result was amazing. My skin was so much brighter. You can see a picture of my face after using this chemical lightening.

I will never buy any products that claim to lighten my skin again! I highly recommend this product. The best part is that you don't even need a cream or serum anymore. Use it as a night cream!

What is the best thing about this product?

This product is very inexpensive and does what it promises. It is good for lightening dark spots on your face and chest.

What do I take in my prescription and what do I do with it?

I took it on my face in the morning as a night cream.

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